Wound Care

Excellence in wound care 

Dr DiPretoro was a part of the Christiana Care Wound Care Center since its inception and has worked with difficult to heal wounds for over 18 years. He now brings those skills to private practice at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center. His approach focuses on the root cause of the problem which often requires surgery to correct. He focuses on the totality of the individual and their underlying medical conditions to make an effective plan for treatment. This maximizes healing rates. Innovative technologies: Offloading devices for pressure ulcers: Now more than ever, modern technology has allowed for better off-loading appliances to minimize inconvenience to our patients. Surgical intervention: New procedural options such as minimal incision surgery and laser treatments are now available which significantly decrease healing times and patient immobility. Synthetic Skin grafting: A new breakthrough for wound management and cure rates. Recombinant technology has allowed for development of synthetic skin grafts that will incorporate into the damaged wound bed and resolve difficult to heal wounds. We have used these grafts with remarkable success rates. This has been a game changer for patients with stubborn wounds that just will not heal. New and exciting treatments are now available for Diabetic and Non-Diabetic wounds that we never had before. There is simply no reason anyone should suffer with non-healing wounds. The Doctors at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center have years of experience in wound healing treatments and are ready to help!


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