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Newark, DE Podiatrist

 Care for Your Feet 

Welcome to Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, Inc., the place to go for comprehensive foot care in Delaware. Our experienced staff and podiatrists are dedicated to keeping your feet and ankles healthy and free from pain. It’s our mission to help you put your best foot forward with the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques, top-of-the-line treatment, and expert care. We have information about  foot and ankle surgery  ,  heel pain  and  Stress Fractures  .

Total Foot Care

If foot pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, it’s time you visited the Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, Inc. There, Newark, DE podiatrists, Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr.& Dr. Kirstyn Urbas, provide the total care you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. From injuries to bunions to arthritis and fungal toenails, their experience spans all areas of foot care.

Custom orthotics  and shoes can be provided for conditions that may require them, and if surgical procedures are necessary, we are equipped to provide that as well. Whatever foot problems you may have, we are here to help you get back to a pain-free and healthy life--and get you back to doing the things you love.

Back On Your Feet in No Time

The faster you can discover a problem the better chance you have of preventing it from becoming more serious. We utilize state-of-the-art technology like CAT scans, MRIs, Ultrasounds, and X-rays to detect problems and devise a course of action immediately. This allows for treatment to begin as soon as possible, and that means you will be on the road to recovery before you know it. You can count on us for quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment to resolve any foot and ankle pain that you may be experiencing.

Diabetic Expertise

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes,  foot care  is extremely important. This disease can put you at risk for any number of complications involving your feet, including severe infections that can lead to amputation. That’s why it is critical that you visit our office regularly. Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. & Dr. Kirsten Urbis are specialists in diabetic foot care, including limb salvage surgery--an alternative for those faced with the prospect of amputation.

You and Your Feet Come First

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best customer service possible.  Our focus will always be on you, and making sure your experience is above and beyond your expectations. That’s because we are committed to putting our patients first.

Convenience is Key

To make it easier for you to visit, we offer three convenient locations in Newark, Middletown, and Wilmington, DE. So if you’re looking for Delaware foot care, wherever you live, you can find a location near you.

Get the Foot Care You Deserve

Learn more about Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, Inc. Call to request an appointment today. Newark, DE podiatrists, Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. and Dr. Kirstyn Urbas look forward to helping you keep your feet healthy. Here’s to happy feet!


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