You Are More Susceptible to Infection with Diabetes

You Are More Susceptible to Infection with Diabetes

Preventing Infections as a DiabeticBefore you go for that barefoot walk in the sand or wade in the ocean, remember that you are more susceptible to infection with diabetes. That means an injury to your foot can lead to serious complications, and even result in amputation.

What makes you prone to infection? The primary reason is neuropathy—a result of nerve damage common among diabetic patients. Neuropathy causes a loss of sensations for pain and temperature, which in turn can make you unaware of any abrasions that could become infected. Types of neuropathy can also lead to foot deformities, like claw toes, which can increase pressure and cause footwear to rub on your feet. The resulting blisters and calluses can be a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why it is so important if you have diabetes to make sure your shoes fit properly and are comfortable.

Knowing the signs of infection is also important. If you can catch a problem early, the less likely to become serious. See Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. right away if you notice any signs of inflammation, redness, a temperature change in your skin, a foul odor, or drainage. Because you are more susceptible to infection with diabetes, you must take special precautions with your feet. Let the experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. help.

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