What are Hammertoes?

What are Hammertoes?

A Hammertoe is a deformity of the toe that causes the middle joint to bend, resembling the shape of a hammer. If you have hammertoes, hammertoesyou should seek medical attention. The sooner you seek treatment, the likelier it is that the problem won't get worse. Dr. Raymond DiPretoro Jr. and Dr. Aahba M. Suchak at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in Newark and Wilmington, DE, are your podiatrists for the treatment of hammertoes.

About Hammertoes

Hammertoes are painful deformities of the toes, and often affect the middle three toes. Initially, hammertoes may be flexible, but over time, they may become rigid and require surgery to straighten the toes. Because hammertoes are progressive, they should receive early medical attention, as they won't get better without some kind of intervention.

Causes of Hammertoes

Some causes of hammertoe are poorly fitting shoes, high heels, foot injuries, and medical conditions that affect the nerves and muscles, such as diabetes and arthritis. Women are more likely to develop hammertoes than men. The risk of developing a hammertoe increases with age. Genetics can also play a role in hammertoes, Hammertoes may run in families. Hammertoes can be a serious problem for diabetics and people with poor circulation.

Symptoms of Hammertoes

Deformity is usually the first symptom of hammertoe. Patients with hammertoes may have calluses or corns on the top of the middle joint of the toes or on the tips of the toes. They may feel pain in their toes and have difficulty finding footwear that is comfortable. At first, they may be able to move and straighten the deformed toes. Over time, they will no longer be able to move the deformed toes. 

Hammertoe Treatments in Newark and Wilmington

Padding and taping is the first step in a treatment plan. Padding and taping the hammertoe prominence relieves the stress and pain and allows the patient to continue a normal, active life. Cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation caused by the deformity. Custom-fitted shoe inserts called orthotics made by your foot doctor may ease your discomfort and prevent the worsening of the deformity. When the hammertoe is not resolved with the above methods, surgery may be necessary.

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