Vascular Problems Respond to Lifestyle Changes

Vascular Problems Respond to Lifestyle Changes

Blood Circulation in FeetIt is quite discouraging when you decide to work on getting fit, only to find that after a couple of blocks your legs hurt so badly you can’t go on. This symptom could indicate vascular problems, but you are on the right track. Some lifestyle changes and increased exercise could help alleviate your pain, and you could be heading off one weekend soon to the Burton Island Loop at Delaware Seashore State Park (1.5 miles), or work your way up to the 3.2-mile loop at Killens Pond State Park.

Whenever your blood flow is restricted, whether due to smoking, peripheral vascular disease, or some other condition, exercise is one of the ways to improve it. You will need to start slowly, and make sure you have good supportive footwear so you don’t add sore feet to your list of problems. Gradually increasing the distance can improve your health and circulation.

Besides exercise, here are some other remedies to address vascular problems:

  • Quit smoking. Tobacco use can contribute to poor circulation.
  • Eat well. Healthy foods low in cholesterol and high in nutrients are best.
  • Lose weight. Extra pounds make all parts of your body work harder.
  • Control high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure—with medication if prescribed.
  • Control blood glucose levels. This is crucial for diabetic patients who are prone to poor circulation and nerve damage.

It is easy to talk about changing your lifestyle, but it is very hard to do. So get help! Join a stop-smoking class. Get a walking buddy. Pick a healthy diet plan and ask your family or roommate to do it with you and keep you accountable.

Don’t forget one important member of your team—the staff at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. We will work with you to judge the health of blood flow in your legs and feet and prescribe medications, diet, and exercise regimens that can help you conquer your poor circulation. You will benefit with more energy, fewer limitations, and a feeling of accomplishment. Give us a call at (302) 355-0056 and set up an appointment at one of our Delaware offices in Newark, Glasgow, or Wilmington.

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