Tips for Proper Toenail Trimming and Great-Looking Toes

Tips for Proper Toenail Trimming and Great-Looking Toes

How to Properly Trim ToenailsThe warmer weather means it’s time to reveal your toes to the world, but before you head to that Memorial Day picnic in those pretty little sandals, keep in mind some tips for proper toenail trimming. Sure, it might seem like a pretty simple task, but if you don’t trim your nails correctly, you could end up with an ingrown toenail that can get painfully infected.

So first off, choose a large nail clipper made for cutting larger nails. Make sure it is disinfected by using a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol to wipe it off. Next, guide the clippers straight across as you cut.  Do not cut into a curved shape or the nail could end up digging into the skin, and that invites trouble. Be sure not to cut the nail too short either—not only does it hurt, but it also increases the risk of infection.

You should only do your trimming when nails are dry; when they are wet they tend to tear. In addition, although you might be tempted to trim your toenail all in one shot, it’s better to do it with a few small cuts. Podiatrists like Dr. Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. also advise to never cut your cuticles. Push them back with a cuticle stick instead.

Remember, everyone’s toenails grow at a different rate, so there is no trick to telling how often you should trim them. Just keep an eye out, and be sure to not let them get so long that they are rubbing against the shoes you wear. Follow these tips for proper toenail trimming, and you will not only keep your nails looking neat, pretty, and in tip-top shape, but you’ll also ensure that they stay healthy and comfortable.

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Okay, now you can put on your sandals.

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