Sunburned Feet Take the Sizzle Out of Summer Fun

Sunburned Feet Take the Sizzle Out of Summer Fun

Protecting Your Feet from Sunburn in the SummerAre those red socks you’re wearing or do you have sunburned feet? Getting too much sun can keep you from summer fun, and if it’s your feet that take on too many rays, you might not even be able to wear shoes or walk! Not to worry, though. Just keep your cool and follow these tips to help get your skin back to feeling good again.

Apply a cool cloth to the areas that are sunburned. If you’re feeling hot, hot, hot, taking a cool bath or shower can help, and don’t limit them to just once a day—take as many as you want! Then, lather on some moisturizing lotion. Ones that contain aloe vera or hydrocortisone cream are best at reducing any pain or swelling caused by the sunburn. Sometimes too much sun can bring on a fever or headache, too. Go ahead and take some pain medication and drink lots of fluids. Oh, and one more tip: chamomile has been known to help relieve sunburn discomfort as well. Use chilled damp teabags, or facecloths dipped in chamomile tea and wrung out, and dab against sunburned areas a few times a day.

Before too long you’ll be able to slip those sandals back on and rejoin the summer fun, but make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen this time so it doesn’t happen again! For more tips on keeping your feet safe this summer, contact Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. in Delaware. Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. is always happy to help. Visit us in Wilmington, Newark or Glasgow DE, or call (302) 355-0056 today. Remember, when you’re slathering on that SPF, don’t forget your feet!

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