Exercises to help your flat feet

Exercises to help your flat feet

Flat FeetExercises to help your Flat Feet!

Lack of the arch in the foot is a common condition and is usually not painful.  All of us have flat feet when we are born, and the development of the arch usually takes place during childhood. People who have flat feet rarely have symptoms or problems.  However, some people may have pain because of various factors such as:  minor injuries, excessive standing, walking, running or jumping, sudden weight gain and improperly fitted footwear.

If you are experiencing pain due to your flat feet try some of these exercises to alleviate the pain and get on with your daily routine!

Arch Exercises

"Towel Scrunch." To strengthen the arch, start out barefoot in a chair and spread a small hand towel on the floor in front of you. Place the ball of your foot on the edge of the towel closest to you and, reaching out with your toes as far as you can, grab the towel and pull it back toward you, bunching it up under your foot. Keep reaching out and grabbing more towel until you run out. At the end of each scrunch, hold the contraction until you feel it in the arch for just a second before releasing.

Do three sets of scrunches.

Stair Raises for Arch Strength

Stand on a step at least three to four inches off the ground with only the ball of your foot on the step and the rest of your heel and foot hanging slightly below the toes. Start with your foot in a neutral position and raise up to your tiptoes, pressing down with your toes. When you lower, resist the urge to drop your heel too far below the stair line; that is really a calf exercise, and your focus is on your arch.

Do three sets, ten arch raises per set.

Arch Flexibility Exercise

Stretch the foot by either reaching down with your hand and grabbing your toe, pulling your toes back and up while relaxing your foot.  You can also sit in a chair, use a small can. place your arch across the can and roll it out and back. Use moderate downward pressure and roll the can from the ball of your foot all the way back to your heel. This stretches and massages the bottom of the foot and can be a way to reduce some arch soreness.

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