Runners Rejoice - Orthotics Help Heel Pain

Runners Rejoice - Orthotics Help Heel Pain

Orthotics to Help with Heel PainYou just had to do that last sprint up the hill, didn’t you? Now there’s that nagging pain in your heel again. Are you looking at time in rehab, or worse, surgery? Not necessarily. It is likely you can simply invest in some orthotic shoe inserts. That’s right, orthotics help heel pain—and a whole lot more.

Overuse and ill-fitting shoes are the usual culprits of heel pain. Another cause is over -- or under -- pronation. This means your foot rolls too far outward or inward, resulting in stress on the plantar fascia—the tendon connecting your heel to your toes. Slipping an orthotic into your shoe can help correct these imbalances by adjusting the way in which your foot strikes the ground. You then pronate normally, and presto—your problem is resolved.

In fact, orthotics can not only treat injuries, but also help you avoid them altogether! With the added support and increased cushioning that they provide, conditions like chronic blisters and shin splints, for example, can be completely eliminated.

You can buy orthotic shoe inserts over-the-counter, but for even better results, we can fit you with a custom pair designed to address your foot issues. These are great because they are molded specifically for your foot, and made with materials chosen for your particular running needs. Place them in some good, supportive, and comfy shoes, and leave your days of pain behind.

If you think you could benefit from some custom orthotics, visit Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. today! We have locations in Glasgow, Newark, and Wilmington, DE. Just call (302) 355-0056 to make an appointment with Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. He can answer any questions you may have, and help keep your training going strong. Orthotics help heel pain. Invest in yours today!


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