Healthy and Happy Toes

Healthy and Happy Toes

Ways to Keep Your Toes HealthySpending a weekend with the girls? Looking for a way pamper yourself? We're willing to bet that pedicures and manicures may have made the list of activities. Be sure to take your loved ones to a salon that practices proper hygiene, or you may walk away with more than pretty feet. Check our tips for safe pedicures to avoid complications such as fungal infection like athlete's foot or nail fungus.

Enjoy your time and relax, but do so first thing in the morning. Footbaths and pedicure tools are cleanest at the beginning of the day. If you can't get an appointment in the morning, be sure to ask how much time is left between clients. This is a good indicator of how often the tools and baths are cleansed. Some places may even allow you to bring your own. It never hurts to ask, especially when it's a matter of personal safety.

Don't shave, use hair removal cream, or wax your legs, for at least 24 hours before visiting the salon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Environmental Protection Agency warn against this. Hair removal, or nicking yourself while shaving, puts you at risk to developing a bacterial infection.

While you're sitting in the chair, don't allow the pedicure technician to cut your cuticles. Your cuticles serve as a protective barrier. If trimmed, they are also susceptible to bacteria. Even the act of pushing the cuticles back can leave your tissues damaged.

In the days following your visit, pay attention to your limbs. If you notice the appearance of a pimple or boil that has become red, painful, and swollen, contact our office. Likewise, if your feet have become itchy and your toenails have begun to yellow, call Dr. Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. at (302) 355-0056, or visit an Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. near you. We’re located in Newark, Glasgow, and Wilmington, DE.

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