Flats and Heel Pain Go Hand in Hand

Flats and Heel Pain Go Hand in Hand

Flats and Heel PainSo you’ve got your eyes on those adorable ballet flats that are so fashionable right now, but before you purchase them, beware. Flats and heel pain are just as common as the foot problems associated with high heels. Seriously.

Because internal support in flats is often lacking, your arch can collapse and the ligaments in the bottom of your foot can over-stretch. The result? Painful plantar fasciitis. This is especially true if you have flat feet. So when you’re shopping for shoes and you just have to have those cute canvas flats, follow these couple of tricks to check for arch support. First, look inside. Does the insole appear to curve along the inside edge along the same lines as your foot?  Next, pick it up and fold it in half. It should bend at the ball, where your foot naturally bends as you walk. If it doesn’t, keep shopping!

There is also a lack of interior padding in flats, and without enough cushioning, your heels can become quite painful. Your heel could absorb more impact in flats than in pumps which put more weight on the ball of your foot. The best way to nip this problem in the bud is to invest in some over-the-counter insoles. These are often made of rubber or foam and slip inside your shoe for added comfort. If you have a high arch, opt for a more rigid insole which typically delivers more arch support.

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