Bump it up: How to Stay Active with Bunions.

Bump it up: How to Stay Active with Bunions.

Pick Shoes that Fit Well to help with Bunion Pain.Is your big toe bringing you down? Don’t let that bump cramp your style. With some extra measures, you can stay active with bunions, really—you can.

Before slipping on your running shoes, there are things you can do that can help prevent the friction that causes bunion pain. Pick up a toe separator at your local drug store, place it between your big toe and second toe and tape it in place. This will keep your joint in a more normal position. Also, you can try these exercises that increase blood flow to your big toe joint:

Sit with your knee bent and foot flat on the floor. Keeping your heel in place, lift your foot and pull your big toe to the side, away from the others. Repeat 10 times. Pretty easy, huh?

From the same position (you don’t even have to get up!), raise your foot and curl your toes down toward the ground. Gently push down on each toe to flex them. Again, repeat.

The shoes you wear make a big difference too. Be sure to select a style of running shoe that fits properly and offers a roomy toe box. Lastly, adjust your steps so that you plant your midfoot, not your toes.

Big toes don’t need to give you the blues. With a little TLC, you can stay active with bunions. To find out more ways to manage that painful bump, call (302) 355-0056 and talk to Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr., DPM, FACFAS, from Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. You can also visit our website or a location near you in Wilmington, Glasgow, and Newark, DE.

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