FAQ - Is Arthritis Preventable?

FAQ:  Is Arthritis Preventable?

Unfortunately, arthritis is not preventable, however, depending on the type, location, and severity of the arthritis, there are many types of treatments available.

Some nonsurgical treatment options include:

  • Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling.
  • Shoe inserts, better known as orthotics.
  • Custom-made shoe, such as a stiff-soled shoe with a rocker bottom.
  • Specific exercises to reduce pain or Physical therapy.
  • Controlling your weight and utilizing nutritional supplements.
  • Steroid medication injected into the joint.

If your arthritis pain doesn't respond to nonsurgical treatments, surgical treatment might be necessary. The type of surgery will depend on the type of arthritis, the severity of the disease on the joints, and the where the arthritis is located.

Surgery performed for arthritis of the foot and ankle, include arthroscopic debridement, arthrodesis (fusion of the joints), and arthroplasty (replacement of the affected joint).

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