FAQ - Infection

What are the signs of infection in the feet?

Knowing the signs of infection in the feet can help you prevent serious problems, especially for those with diabetes who are more susceptible to complications brought on by infection.

Look for swelling, redness, and any kind of temperature change to your skin. Pain is also a strong indicator, and sometimes there can even be drainage or a foul smell. You may not experience all of these symptoms; in fact you can have an infection with no symptoms at all!  That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on your feet and see a podiatrist at the first sign of any problems.

While most infections seem to be bacterial, they can also be caused by viruses and fungi. Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. can help determine if you have an infection, find the cause, and treat it accordingly. For an appointment call (302) 623-4250, or visit Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. in Newark, Glasgow, and Wilmington, DE.