FAQ - Hammertoes

FAQ: What are Rigid Hammertoes?

A rigid hammertoe is a misshapen toe that cannot be pushed down to its correct position when pushed down. Some causes of hammertoes are wearing shoes that are too tight, wearing high heels, an injury to the toe, a disease that may affect the nerves and muscles such as arthritis or diabetes. When you wear shoes that are too tight or do not fit properly you expose yourself to the risk of creating a hammertoe. Over time the pressure of the shoe pushes the toes into a bent position. After a while, the muscles in your toes are unable to straighten. Also, when you have arthritis or diabetes, the toe may stay in the bent position until the tendons become permanently shortened which in turn causes the toe to become a rigid hammertoe. The risk of developing a hammertoe increases with age and is much more common in women.

If you are experiencing a rigid hammertoe, please contact Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, Inc. He can help you decide which treatment plan is best for you!


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