FAQ - Diabetes

Why are foot self-exams important for diabetics?

People with diabetes are at high risk for foot complications. Because diabetes can cause nerve damage in the extremities, problems can go unnoticed, resulting in infections and even amputation. For this reason, daily foot self-exams for diabetics are essential.

Like balanced nutrition and monitoring blood sugar, examining your feet should be part of a daily routine if you have diabetes. This includes washing with mild soap and drying thoroughly, especially between toes. Also, check for minor cuts, scratches, and blisters and treat with antibiotic cream and bandages. For dry skin, apply lotion, but avoid putting it between the toes to prevent any fungal growth. Cracking, itching, and redness are all signs of athlete’s foot and should be treated immediately.

A simple daily routine can keep your feet healthy and complications at bay. Seeing the experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center, Inc. on a regular basis is also a must. To request for an appointment, call Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. at (302) 623-4250, or schedule an appointment online at the Glasgow, Wilmington, or Newark locations.

How can I prevent diabetic complications?

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a lifetime of complications. You can manage this disease and reduce the risks associated with it. To prevent diabetic complications, the first line of defense is keeping your blood glucose levels controlled. A balanced, nutritional diet and daily exercise will help with that, as well as with cholesterol and blood pressure, two things that are also important to monitor. In addition, you need to routinely check your feet for any signs of sores or cuts that could lead to infections. Refrain from smoking and choose comfortable shoes with a proper fit. It’s also important to see your podiatrist regularly.

With an action plan in place, you can avoid complications from diabetes and live a full and active life. To learn more information, call Dr. Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. at (302) 623-4250, or stop by one of our three convenient locations in Glasgow, Wilmington and Newark DE. You can follow us on Facebook too!

Are pedicures safe for those with diabetes?

When you have diabetes, the smallest injury can bring risk of infection. So, are pedicures safe for those with diabetes? It’s probably best to skip a trip to the salon. If you really can’t resist treating your toes, follow these tips to stay safe:

Visit the salon first. Make sure they adhere to strict sanitation practices, emptying and cleaning foot tubs between clients. Inspect the tools; they should be stainless steel, not wood. If unsure about sterilization, bring your own. Tell the technician you have diabetes so they can avoid using razors and don’t use hot water, cut your cuticles, or put lotion between your toes. Also, to lessen the risk of infection, don’t shave your legs before you go.

For more tips on diabetic foot care, visit the experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. Stop by our Newark, Glasgow, or Wilmington DE location, or call (302) 623-4250 and ask for Dr. Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. He’s always happy to help.

What is diabetic limb salvage?

When diabetic complications are not treated properly they can lead to several complications, including impeded blood flow to the legs, neuropathy of the feet and ankles, infection and gangrene, and even foot amputation. In a person with diabetes, we consider an infected foot a medical emergency. The key to diabetic limb salvage is regular monitoring, routine care, and use of recommended footwear.

We treat diabetic foot complications from neuropathy to ulcers. Seeking timely medical intervention will help to save your limb. We will determine the underlying cause of your condition and develop a custom care plan to suit your needs.

The experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. are committed to limb salvage. With proper care, diabetic wounds can heal rather than deteriorate until amputation is needed. For more information, visit one of our offices in Newark, Glasgow, or Wilmington DE, or call Dr.Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. at (302) 623-4250.

What is a limb salvage team?

When you're a diabetic, even a stubbed toe can lead to loss of sleep and worry. Foot and ankle problems that won't heal can lead to troublesome infection and increase your chances for limb loss. As many as 800,000 amputations that American diabetics undergo could be prevented. A limb salvage team helps to treat your foot and ankle conditions in a timely matter.

To trim your recovery time in half, they pair your podiatrist with a surgeon. In doing so, patients obtain every aspect of foot and ankle care in one place. No longer will you wait months between doctor's appointments while your condition gets worse.

The experts at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. are committed to your health. Visit one of our offices in Newark, Glasgow, or Wilmington DE, to speak with Dr.Raymond A DiPretoro Jr. about your diabetic foot complications. We'll get you on the fast track to recovery. Call us at (302) 623-4250 or visit us online. 

What types of diabetic neuropathy are there?

Four types of diabetic neuropathy can occur. Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage and loss of sensation in your legs and feet, increasing your risk of ulcers and infection. Check your feet daily to catch and treat problems early. Autonomic neuropathy can cause problems in your digestive system (nausea, heartburn), blood vessels (dizziness, low blood pressure), and urinary tract (bloating, incontinence). Treatments may include medications, smaller meals, special stockings, or even surgery. Proximal neuropathy can cause pain and weakness in the legs and buttocks. It normally affects only one side and usually requires medication and physical therapy to regain normal use of the limb. Focal neuropathy affects specific nerves, often in the head or torso, but also in your leg. There will be a sudden pain or weakness in an area, or other symptoms such as double vision or paralysis on one side of your face.

Lack of blood sugar control is the underlying cause of all of these conditions, so that’s where treatment begins. Advanced Foot & Ankle Center can help you diagnose pain or weakness in your legs and design treatment to relieve your symptoms. Call us in Newark, Glasgow, or Wilmington, DE at (302) 623-4250 for an appointment.


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