Give Plantar Fasciitis its Marching Orders

Left, left, left, right left. Why did the soldier cross the road? To get to Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc.! People who are on their feet a lot, like soldiers, athletes, construction workers and the like, often suffer from heel and arch pain that inhibits them from doing what they need to do. If you have plantar fasciitis that is causing pain in your heel, Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. can help.


The plantar fascia is the band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes. It is what supports the arch of your foot, and overuse can cause it to become swollen and inflamed. Repeated strain can lead to tears in the plantar fascia, making it painful just to stand or walk. This condition is the most common cause of heel pain. This is why it is important to not let it go untreated.

Why has my Foot Done an About Face?

Plantar fasciitis can be caused by several different factors, besides being on your feet for long periods of time on a regular basis. Perhaps you were born with high arches or flat feet­—conditions that make you prone to problems with the plantar fascia. Maybe you are an excessive pronator, meaning your feet roll too far inward when you walk. This flattens the foot, which lengthens the arch, and puts tension on the tendon. Having tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons can lead to the condition too, as well as being overweight, and even wearing shoes that are worn down or don’t fit well.

Why Can’t I Forward March in the Morning?

Most people experience the most extreme pain when they first get out of bed in the morning. The reason for this is that overnight your muscles are not used, and therefore are not stretched and limber for those first morning steps. While the pain and stiffness will decrease after you walk around for a while, that won’t last. As the day goes on, pain will start to increase again, especially if you stand, walk or climb stairs.

Allied Forces

Associated with this condition, heel spurs occur when calcium deposits accumulate beneath the heel bone—a result of the strained plantar fascia tendon and repeated tearing of the heel bone’s protective membrane covering. This added condition often accentuates the level of pain. Because of this outlying problem, plantar fasciitis is sometimes referred to as heel spur syndrome.

At Ease

Treatments for this injury vary, depending on the cause and patient. There are some remedies for the pain that you can try at home. First and foremost, we recommend resting your feet if you can. Cut back from doing the activities which cause you pain, and try to avoid doing them on hard surfaces. Ice packs can also help, and we can recommend the proper anti-inflammatory medication for you. There are also stretching exercises you can try, like rolling a towel, placing it under your foot, then with a straight leg pull the ends of the towel toward you so that your foot flexes. Night splints that you can wear in your sleep are also a helpful option, and orthotic devices worn in your shoes can redistribute your weight and reduce pressure on the affected area. For persistent, severe cases, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) can be used to ease the pain.

As You Were

If you are suffering from pain with every step you take, march over to Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. so you can get back to your old self. Located in Wilmington, Glasgow, and Newark DE, there is an office near you. Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. can treat your plantar fasciitis and any other foot problems you may have. Call (302) 623-4250 to make an appointment today.

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