Corrective and Prescription Shoes

Looking for footwear that lasts and hugs your feet in all the right places? These days, finding a comfortable and reliable shoe can be quite difficult. Whether or not you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, a good pair of prescription shoes can do wonders for your lower limbs, as well as your overall health.

Treat your feet to a pair of specially-designed shoes and walk your way to a pain-free future. If your shoes are causing you discomfort, see Delaware’s Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. Wearing proper footwear is a crucial part of foot care.

Walk to Better Health

Pain is a problem. From foot conditions such as hammertoes, flat feet, and bunions, to diabetic complications like neuropathy and ulcers, wearing the right pair of shoes can provide you with the path of least resistance. Our office provides patients with corrective and prescription footwear to support and stabilize these types of deformities.

Anyone can be prescribed footwear. In fact, wearing prescription shoes will help to reduce the risk of future complications. Many foot and ankle conditions that we treat in our office can cause an excessive amount of pressure to be placed upon the skin of your feet. Too much pressure can lead painful blisters and even ulcers.

Reduce the amount of stress your feet have to endure, reduce shock, create less impact on your joints, and reduce your overall foot and ankle discomfort by lacing up with the right pair of shoes and walk your way to better health.

Prescription Orthotics

Prescription shoes are one classification of custom orthotics. They are formed from the shape of your very own unique feet. Crafted to match their every nook and cranny, these orthotics treat your feet to exactly what they need.

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. we thoroughly evaluate our patients' feet and unique structures and complications. After the tests have been performed there are several different types of footwear to choose from:

  • Custom-made shoes are cast and molded from each individual foot structure. This type of orthotic is used to treat the most severe disorders and deformities.
  • Healing shoes, which are prescribed after the patient has undergone surgery or an ulcer treatment, are heat moldable. Typically a closed toe structure, this postoperative shoe protects your feet while they are most vulnerable. Ask your doctor before switching back to a normal shoe.
  • In-depth shoes are the most commonly prescribed pairs. They are very similar to athletic shoes in the way they look, but provide an additional 1/4 to 1/2 inch of depth. This extra volume is made to accommodate inserts and other shock-absorbing soles. These shoes can house virtually every foot type.

By limiting the range of motion of your feet and stabilizing the bones and ligaments, prescription shoes can treat problems such as diabetic foot ulcers, Charcot foot, calluses, and more! They will reduce the amount of pressure and shock placed on your lower limbs and provide your body with a more stable foundation.

If you're experiencing foot pain, from slight aches to severe discomfort, contact our office today! Proper footwear is crucial to an overall treatment program, especially for individuals with diabetes. Wearing the right shoe could save your limb—if not your life. Call Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. at (302) 623-4250 for more information. You can also visit us online or stop by one of our three office locations in Glasgow, Wilmington, and Newark, DE. 

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