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Preventing Ingrown Toenails in AthletesFor active people and athletes, an ingrown toenail can literally be a pain. Your entire toe can become red, swollen, and tender, and that can seriously put a damper on your training. Unfortunately, athletes are prime candidates for ingrown toenails, since much of their time is spent in snug shoes—a major cause of this condition. Also, explosive movements like sprinting, jumping, kicking, and changing directions can put a lot of pressure on toes, adding to the problem. That’s why preventing ingrown toenails is so important for athletic individuals.

Like most active people, you may be tempted to battle through and ignore the problem, but doing so can lead to a painful infection that could stop you in your tracks completely. Avoid having to take even more time off from your activities by addressing ingrown toenails right away. If caught early, treatment will likely only involve antibiotics and soaks. Wait too long, and surgical procedures will have to be considered—words no athlete wants to hear!

Luckily there are things you can do to prevent ingrown toenails from occurring in the first place. Doctors at the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. in Delaware suggest that you shop for athletic footwear late in the day when your feet are at their largest. Also, wear your athletic socks to ensure the right fit, and choose shoes with a wider toe. Keeping your toenails trimmed also helps the situation, but be sure to trim them straight across. Cutting them on a curve can result in the nail pushing into the soft tissue surrounding it, and that can lead to infection.

Follow these guidelines, and ingrown toenails shouldn’t be a concern. If you do end up seeing signs of a problem, however, be sure to contact Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr. immediately. Call 302-623-4250 for an appointment, or visit the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center Inc. in Newark, Wilmington and Glasgow, DE to keep your feet healthy and your active lifestyle going strong.

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