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By Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. D.P.M.
April 04, 2017
Category: Foot Care
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Injuries happen when you least expect it. Know how to care for a foot injury if it happens to you.ulcer

Think about how often you are on your feet, running up stairs, chasing down your bus to work and wearing less-than-ideal shoes. It’s probably a lot more than you realized. Your feet take a lot of abuse every day so it might not be all-too-surprising when a foot wound or ulcer occurs. From the office of your Newark and Wilmington, DE, podiatrists, Dr. Raymond Dipretoro Jr. and Dr. Aahba M. Suchak, find out what you should do to protect the health of your feet while caring for your wound.

It’s true that those with peripheral neuropathy, as well as those with diabetes, are at an increased risk for developing ulcers. If you’ve been diagnosed with either of these conditions then you may find that ulcers don’t heal as quickly as they should. Also, these ulcers are more likely to become infected. If an infection goes unnoticed it will continue to spread to the surrounding skin and even deep within the bone. It’s important that you visit your Newark foot doctor immediately if you develop a foot ulcer.

What does a foot ulcer look like?

Ulcers are more likely to form on the bottoms or sides of the foot, as well as the toes. An ulcer will look like a red open wound. Some ulcers may be small and superficial while others can be rather deep. Most ulcers have a callused layer of skin that has formed around the wound.

In otherwise healthy individuals, they may not even notice that they have an ulcer. It may not even cause any pain. If you have diabetes or poor circulation it’s imperative that you are managing your symptoms and keeping your blood sugar under control. You should also be thoroughly examining your feet every day to look for any changes. By performing self-exams daily you can catch ulcers and other problems right away so you can get the treatment you need and to prevent further complications. Our doctors will be able to tell right away whether or not your symptoms are due to a foot ulcer and what treatments are necessary.

Whether you have questions about foot care or you have diabetes, we are here to help you manage your issues as efficiently and easily as possible. Foot health is important but it shouldn’t consume you. Let Advanced Foot and Ankle Center in Newark and Wilmington, DE take the burden off of you and help give your feet the care they need.

By Raymond A DiPretoro Jr., DPM
April 28, 2014
Category: Diabetes

Diabetes and BarefeetFinally, warmer weather has arrived!  Before you kick off your shoes and head to the beach, remember, diabetes and bare feet are not a good combination. 

If you’re walking barefoot, even the slightest stub of the toe can lead to a foot ulcer, and if you have diabetes, this can mean big trouble. Peripheral neuropathy, which occurs due to nerve damage, can lessen pain sensation so you may not even know if you are damaging your feet.  That means cuts and abrasions could go undetected, and with loss of blood flow being common with this disease, the wound may not heal before an infection sets in. 

What does that mean for your next beach excursion? Unfortunately, walking on the beach barefoot is definitely a bad idea.  Just think of all the hazards such as seashells, glass, and other debris, that can cut your skin and cause possible infections. 

Another danger with diabetes and bare feet is hot black top.  Even if you’re just hurrying across the parking lot without shoes, you can obtain severe burns that can lead to infection. 

What’s the bottom line? To prevent serious problems, diabetics should never walk bare foot—not even indoors.  So whether you’re planning to attend a Memorial Day picnic, to enjoy a day at the beach, or to hang out around the house, make sure you wear proper fitting shoes this summer. Your feet will thank you for it!  

Learn more about diabetic foot care by contacting Dr. Raymond A. DiPretoro, Jr. at (302) 355-0056, or by visiting one of the three convenient locations of Advanced Foot & Ankle Center, Inc. We are located in Newark, Glasgow, and Wilmington, DE.

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