By Raymond A DiPretoro Jr., DPM
June 05, 2014
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High Heels often Cause even more Bunion Pain.Woo-hoo! It’s shoe shopping time. What? You’re not excited? Come on, everyone loves buying new shoes. Unless, of course, you have a bunion. A painful bump on the joint of your big toe can really put a damper on a trip to the mall. No worries, though. Finding comfortable footwear that doesn’t rub you the wrong way can be a challenge, but if you know what styles to steer clear of, you’ll find the fun in shoe shopping again. Here’s a guideline for shoes to avoid with bunions:

Bring it on down. High heels like stilettos put pressure on your forefoot and squish your toes together. Think about it—if your big toe is forced against your other toes, your bunion will be sticking out even more, and that invites friction to the party. No one likes an uninvited guest, especially one that causes pain!

Platform wedges and high-heeled boots cause the same problems. As a rule, get used to your natural height. Other shoes to avoid with bunions are ones that are too narrow and don’t give your toes enough room to spread out and relax.

Finally, back away from that stiff style, too. You need to find footwear that is made of a stretchable, conforming material, like the new canvas shoes that are all the rage right now.

You can still be fashionable when you have a bunion if you follow these helpful tips. For more ways to keep your pain from getting worse, visit Raymond A. DiPretoro Jr., DPM, FACFAS, at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center. There are three convenient locations to choose from in Glasgow, Newark, and Wilmington, DE. Call (302) 355-0056 for a consultation today.

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